Karonde Ki Sabzi

Cuisine- North Indian | Course – Main | Preparation Time: 7-10 minutes | Cooking Time: 5-10 minutes | Total Time: 15-20 minutes | Serve: 6 | Level of Cooking: Moderate | Taste: Sour & Spicy

I always keep exploring in my kitchen of what and how different I may make substantial use of vegetables by adding new taste. As all of us have been using Karonde as pickle. Undoubtedly Karonde/Kerende/Karaunda tastes the best in pickles, howvever I have prepared Karonde ki sabji (करोंदे की सब्जी), a Side Dish made with Bengal Currant with fresh green chilies to make it more spicy. The taste of Karonde ki chatpati sabji (चटपटे करोंदे की सब्जी) is like you would eat all alone, you might not want to wait for parantha or poori to be served with. The best companion while travelling in train, you might end up tempting the whole train-coach with the flavour of this side dish.

Let’s have a quick look on the list of the Ingredients used to prepare

Ingredients: Karonde -250 grams,
Fresh Green Chilli- 8 pieces,
Cumin seeds- 2 spoon,
Coriander powder- 4 spoon,
Saunf (Aniseed) Powder- 4 spoon,
Turmeric Powder- 1 spoon
Vegetable/Mustard Oil – 3 service spoon
Salt to taste.

Method: My video is an easy cooking tutorial for you with quick and easy steps to follow in order to give you a better understanding.

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